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Areas of Expertise

  • Musculoskeletal conditions such as acute/chronic pain and soft tissue injuries. 

  • Pregnancy- Pre/Postnatal 

  • Those living with Cancer 

  • Rehabilitation- accidents/surgery/injury/illness

  • Neurological Illness

Specialist Training
Advanced Clinical Massage & Aromatherapy

I use the Jing Method in Advanced Clinical Massage & Sports Massage.  Techniques include hot/cold stones, myofascial work, trigger point

therapy, acupressure, stretching, and tailored self-care. 

Specialist Aromatherapy blends will be custom-made using high-grade organic essential oils to complement your treatment outcomes.

Oncology Reiki, Massage & Reflexology

Specialist training & experience in working with those living with & beyond cancer. Experience in working with clients through all stages of treatment.


This unique ScarWork training from Sharon Wheeler uses gentle manual therapy to provide outstanding results on scar tissue and adhessions. 

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Sally Kay developed RLD whilst working in cancer care.  Research has shown the unqiue sequence causes an effect on the bodies lymphatic system and is proven to help reduce lymphoedema. When using RLD with clients suffering from non cancer relate lymphoedema, ie during pregnancy, post injury and after strokes, I have experienced positive outcomes.

This treatment works over reflex points on the hands or the feet.


Working with families through all stages of pregnancy, birth & beyond.


Specialist training supporting those through menarche, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause.

Nordic Walking

Is for everyone and a great way to combine exercise with nature. I hold additional training for those with extra sensory requirments and for those with Neurological Illnesses.

Fitball & EXTEND

Excellent rehab tools guiding your mind, body & spirit back to balance & condition.

Present Moment Awareness

Connecting you to the here and now.  The inhalation and the exhalation. Learning to be with what is, moment by moment.

My Approach

  • Brings together massage, movement & mind-based techniques to support and promote your body's own healing process.

  • A person-centered approach with a fusion of Eastern & Western techniques. 

  • Education is at the core of all my sessions, helping you to have a better understanding of your body.

  • Guided breathwork helps to integrate the mind, body & spirit and is at the foundation of all sessions Massage/Movement/Mind.

  • Massage sessions are a series of outcome-orientated treatments, using clinical assessment combined with safe and effective massage and soft tissue techniques that aim to reduce pain, increase the range of movement and support your health and wellbeing. 

  • Nordic Walking sessions are delivered as a 1:1 session/ group workshop/courses that aim to promote fitness, improve posture and strengthen the body whilst bathing in the beauty

               In-person and online sessions are available.

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My Approach
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