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Working as a Therapeutic Health Practitioner has been my life work.  Whilst at school I had a weekend job working as a fitness instructor in a private health club.  In my late teens, I had a dance with an illness that knocked me off my socks and changed my direction in life. Realising that to support our health we need more than medicine, I packed my bags and travelled to Thailand.  Here I trained in the healing arts of traditional Thai massage...this was just the start!

On my return to the UK, I worked in the NHS as a Health & Fitness Coordinator whilst I studied the full-time two years Holistic Therapy Course....this is when my world really started to open up.

Whilst I built up my private practice I worked part-time as an NHS Physiotherapy Technician working with Adults and Children with mental & physical illnesses.  I learned so much about the body and mind during these years that still informs my practice to this day.

In 2006 I moved to Bristol and founded Bella-Bees natural products and worked with Your Community Clinic to help change the way in which treatments were accessed across the city.

During my 1st pregnancy, I set up Baby Bella-bees and delivered baby & infant massages to young mothers, and worked with birth partners teaching massage techniques to use during pregnancy & labor. I have worked extensively with Pre/postnatal massage and enjoy helping women regain balance during the postnatal stage. 


In the past 12 years, I have been working with women as they transition through perimenopause, menopause, those living with cancer, multiple sclerosis & neurological illnesses.

I enjoy spending time in nature so when I'm not in the clinic or researching and learning I can be found in the woods delivering Nordic walking sessions.

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