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Claire Day ACMT
Musculoskeletal Pain-Care Specialist
Therapeutic Health Practitioner

Hello, I am Claire, your local qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist & Nordic Walking Instructor.  I work as a Therapeutic Health Practitioner, using massage, movement & mindfulness to promote wellness and build resilience.

I work with a broad spectrum of people, from those seeking a relaxing treatment for health and wellness to those with mental health issues, soft tissue injuries, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as:

Arthritis | Back pain | Carpal tunnel syndrome | Fibromyalgia | Frozen shoulder | Herniated disc | Joint pain | Migraines | Piriformis syndrome | Plantar fasciitis | Rotator Cuff Injury | RSI | Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome | Sciatica | Temporomandibular joint dysfunction | Tendonitis | Tennis & Golfers Elbow | Whiplash and many more...

My aim is to help reduce pain & tension, increase your range of movement, and promote your body's health & wellbeing whilst building on your self-care knowledge.

Rehabilitation for:

Sports injury | Surgery | Pre/Postnatal | Illness & Post viral | TMJ

Supporting those living with:

Cancer | Multiple Sclerosis | Neurological diseases | Physical disabilities | Fibromyagla | ME | Auto immune illness


It's about you making a commitment to your own health and wellness.

Working with acute/chronic pain isn't about a one-treatment wonder.  It's about getting to the core of the pain and working with the issues in the tissues.

I work with a series of outcome-orientated treatments, online self-care sessions, and  Nordic Walking sessions.


I have been working as a therapist since 1998 and have extensive training and hands-on experience.  To date, my highest level of training is now held as a Jing Method Therapist in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage for treating acute & chronic pain.  I am currently in my research year of the Btec 6 in Advanced Clinical Massage (the highest in the UK ) I also hold the following professional disciplines:

Clinical Aromatherapy | ScarWork | Remedial Massage | Sports Massage | Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage | Reiki, Reflexology and Massage for those living with Cancer | Pregnancy, labour, and Post-natal Massage | Traditional Thai Massage | Couples Massage | Baby/Infant Massage | Corporate Massage | Online Wellness sessions | FITBALL Instructor | EXTEND Teacher | Living Well Facilitator | Nordic Walking Instructor

British Nordic Walking is a powerful rehabilitation tool and uses 86% more muscle than just walking! Not only can you boost your fitness level, but Nordic walking helps to improve coordination and posture.  It is a great way to use the power of nature to support your wellness.  Delivere1: in groups or as part of team building or corporate sessions.

I use FITBALL exercises as part of any rehabilitation programme so if walking isn't your thing then there are plenty of options.

Using the Presence process I will guide you to the natural rhythms of your mind and body.  Integrating breathwork & mindfulness techniques to help support the nervous system and promote overall wellness, grounding you in the here and now. We will work together to build your self-care tool kit.


Contact Me

Tel: 0781 306 4996

The quickest way to contact me would be to call or SMS.  If I am in clinic I will get back you to at the end of the day unless I am running a late clinic in which case I aim to respond within 24hrs.  You can also message via What's app, Signal, or Telegram

Emails I aim to respond within 48hrs.  On other social media platforms, I tend to be a bit slower as I am generally in clinic or nordic walking.


During my clinical practice in Bristol, I work with those living with cancer, Multiple Sclerosis & Neurological diseases. In my private practice which covers Bristol, Monmouthshire, Wye Valley, and Forest of Dean, I serve the local communities and work with individual′s with chronic musculoskeletal pain, pre/post-natal, sports injuries, rehabilitation post-surgery/trauma, and those wishing to use massage to maintain good health/wellbeing, and corporate groups and teams facilitating wellness in the workplace and online wellness sessions.

Bristol Clinic:

The Brightwell Centre 

Wheatfield Drive

Bradley Stoke

Bristol, BS32 9DB

Forest of Dean | Chepstow |

Wye Valley | Monmouth:

Nordic Walking Session


To send me a message/ join my mailing list/ find out more about self care sessions & discounts:

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Tel: 0781-306-4996


Serving: Bristol | Chepstow 

Wye Valley | Forest of Dean| Monmouth

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Monday 9AM - 3PM

Tuesday 9AM- 3PM

Wednesday 9AM-8:30PM

Thursday 9AM-3PM


Saturday 10AM-4PM




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